Welcome to Captains Corner, a place for team captains to share successes, toss around fundraising ideas and take a look at what – and how – other teams are doing. We want to hear from you. Email your ideas and comments to Vanessa Sheppard at sheppardv@hhsc.ca.

Apologies to longtime BRIGHT captain Chris Gravelle, whose team was incorrectly named last month. The team is called Chris’ Crusaders.

Welcome back, returning teams that have registered:

  • Cancer Busters and captain Bindi Dhesy-Thind
  • Kristen’s Krew and captain Kristen Pinet
  • Team P&P (Prayers & Positivity) and captain Lesley DeSousa
  • Team Kurpel
  • The BREAST Volunteers and captain Aryn Sousa-Moreton
  • The OLYMPIANS and captain Laura Fortino

And welcome aboard, new teams that have registered:

  • Imperial Warriors and captain Andrew Dennis
  • MELANIE’S Bosom Buddies and captain Kathryn Brown-Henschel
  • The On-Call-Ogists and captain Simone Chaudhary
  • Tumernators and captain Christina McMaster
  • VICKI’S BREASTIES and captain Sandra Epping

Tip of the Month

As the BRIGHT Run nears, it’s time for a big push to raise as much money as possible from family and friends.

Provide a gentle reminder for longtime donors and connect with new ones via social media, making sure to emphasize the reasons you support the work of the BRIGHT Run.
Give your team members some extra motivation by sharing this year’s recognition chart. Make sure team members understand they will receive recognition based on their online fundraising total as of Sept. 4.

If team members have been collecting money offline, point them toward instructions on how to record their offline donations as part of their online total. Go to www.brightrun.ca, find FAQs under the About tab and click on Donations.

You will be hearing from us soon and often. We are here to help you achieve and exceed your fundraising goals.

Fundraising Tips

  • Share your story: when telling people about the event make sure to share why you believe in the cause.
  • Stay motivated: don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t want to donate as people support many causes and may not be able to support all of them. If someone says no to donating money, you could ask him or her to spread the word about the event or invite them to “like” the facebook page.
  • Stay in touch: send updates to your donors on how much you’ve raised and how much the event raised in total. Don’t forget to say thank you! A picture of you at the event is always a nice touch!

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Events Promotions

Let Us Help Spread the Word

We are grateful for the many fundraising events held throughout the year in support of BRIGHT Run, and we want to help you publicize your events so that you enjoy an excellent turnout!
If you are planning an event/fundraiser and would like BRIGHT Run to publicize on our website and social media, please complete the form below.

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