BRIGHT Run event chair Nancy McMillan and oncologist Dr. Mark Levine had a bunch of kids enthralled last month when they spoke at the PHL Academy’s Laura Fortino Summer Conditioning and Scoring Camp.

Laura was joined by Olympic teammate Sarah Nurse at the one-week camp at the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre, providing expert instruction to 39 boys and girls aged seven to 12.

Nancy and Mark spoke to the kids about teamwork, the BRIGHT Run and breast cancer, using a Q&A format. It was supposed to be a 10-minute presentation, but it lasted about 45 minutes because of the young folks’ level of engagement.

“The kids had amazing questions,” Nancy said. “They were wise beyond their years.”

Each child left with a BRIGHT Run T-shirt and an invitation to join Laura’s BRIGHT team, Fortino’s Crazy 8’s.