Welcome to Captains Corner, a place for team captains to share successes, toss around fundraising ideas and take a look at what – and how – other teams are doing. We want to hear from you. Email your ideas and comments to Vanessa Sheppard at sheppardv@hhsc.ca.

You will be hearing from us soon and often. We are here to help you achieve and exceed your fundraising goals.

Fundraising Tips

  • Share your story: when telling people about the event make sure to share why you believe
    in the cause.
  • Stay motivated: don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t want to donate as people
    support many causes and may not be able to support all of them. If someone says no to
    donating money, you could ask him or her to spread the word about the event or invite
    them to “like” the facebook page.
  • Stay in touch: send updates to your donors on how much you’ve raised and how much the
    event raised in total. Don’t forget to say thank you! A picture of you at the event is
    always a nice touch!

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