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Team Fundraising Success

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Fundraising Tips

  • Share your story: when telling people about the event make sure to share why you believe
    in the cause.
  • Stay motivated: don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t want to donate as people
    support many causes and may not be able to support all of them. If someone says no to
    donating money, you could ask him or her to spread the word about the event or invite
    them to “like” the facebook page.
  • Stay in touch: send updates to your donors on how much you’ve raised and how much the
    event raised in total. Don’t forget to say thank you! A picture of you at the event is
    always a nice touch!

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Captains News

Fundraising Success
Congratulations to Joanne Stacey and her BRIGHT team, NOTORIOUS CURE, on the great success of Motown Downtown, which got its groove on at Emma’s Back Porch Lodge in Burlington May 18. More than 200 people attended, most in their Motown finery, for a night of dancing and fun. The event raised more than $2,000 – for the BRIGHT Run and Burlington’s new Foundation for Cancer Wellness – through ticket sales and a terrific raffle. Great work, NOTORIOUS CURE!

And BRIGHT team McMILLAN’S MADCAPS braved both rain and sunshine to raise more than $750 for the BRIGHT Run at the team’s mostly annual garage sale in Grimsby. Part 1, in typical BRIGHT Run rain, took place May 6, while part 2 went forward under sunny skies on May 20. The small number of items that were left were donated to charity. Congratulations to Nancy McMillan and her team!


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