You likely already know about breast screening, even after your treatment is finished. But don’t forget about other body parts.
Ontario’s free screening programs include cervical and colon cancer screening as part of a healthy lifestyle. These programs offer people in certain age groups, with no symptoms of cervical or colon cancer, the chance to get screened regularly.

The Ontario Cervical Screening Program (OCSP) provides women ages 21 to 69 with a free Pap test every three years. Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventative through regular screening.

Men and women, ages 50 to 74, with no symptoms or family history of colon cancer can do an easy take-home screening test through the province’s ColonCancerCheck program. Colon cancer is highly treatable when caught early. In fact, nine out of every 10 people with colon cancer can be cured thanks largely to early detection.

These screening tests are available from your healthcare provider, such as a family doctor or nurse practitioner. For more information on cancer screening, visit