If you had genetic testing prior to June 2016 and the results were negative/normal, you should consider requesting a referral back to your genetic counsellor. Your family physician or specialist can fax in a new referral for updated testing to the Cancer Risk Assessment Clinic at the Juravinski Cancer Centre at 905-575-6316.
Updated genetic testing is beneficial because there are newly identified genes that can cause hereditary breast cancer beyond BRCA1 and BRCA2. Updated testing can help clarify the risk of breast cancer in family members and/or risk for other cancers.

For women over age 30 in families with negative/normal genetic testing may benefit from intensified screening through the Ontario Breast Screening Program’s high-risk screening program. Your family doctor can refer you for high-risk screening.

It’s always important to update your family history with your genetic counsellor, as it may change recommendations about cancer genetic testing and cancer screening.