Derek Ribeiro is a radiation therapist who has worked at the Juravinski Cancer Centre for five years. Although he has never been to the BRIGHT Run, he is very excited to have joined the BRIGHT team as our social media guru.

When, how and why did you get involved in the BRIGHT Run?

I got involved with the BRIGHT Run when my co-worker asked me to assist with the social media co-ordination of the event. I felt the need to contribute back to the community after seeing how breast cancer affects the lives of so many women and men.

How does your work for the BRIGHT Run fit with your job, if it does?

My job entails quality assuring, checking, and delivering radiation treatments to cancer patients. Through this, I have a first-hand account of the impact breast cancer has on the patients I see.

What do you do for the BRIGHT Run?

I manage the social media accounts for the BRIGHT Run. It is my job to keep the BRIGHT Run community informed and aware of all the exciting events and opportunities available. There are so many positive experiences that come from the BRIGHT Run and I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to share those stories with the community.

Do you have any personal/family connections to breast cancer?

I am blessed to say that I do not have any familial connections to breast cancer, however, I work at a cancer centre where I see the sheer volume of women who are diagnosed yearly with breast cancer.

What are your feelings about the BRIGHT Run?

The BRIGHT Run allows for a sense of community for breast cancer survivors and their loved ones to gather and support one another. It is truly an honour to help serve the countless patients I see on a daily basis as we all raise awareness and funds to aid breast cancer research. The BRIGHT Run’s vision of community and support for breast cancer patients aligns with my own passion for raising awareness for breast cancer research and taking action to save lives.