Rick Harris is an IT Project Manager for a large financial services company and his wife is an associate professor at Trent University. His daughter is a post-doctoral student in Applied Sciences at McMaster University; his son is a marketing grad living in Oshawa.

Rick loves combining photography and volunteer work. Besides the creative work he does for the BRIGHT Run, he also volunteers for animal rescues and others. And every week or so, he gathers with 150 friends to sing with Choir!Choir!Choir!

When, how and why did you get involved in the BRIGHT Run?

In 2010, my neighbor Beverly Pond, then a member of the BRIGHT Run executive committee, asked if I wanted to be event photographer for a fundraiser called the BRIGHT Run. She was very enthusiastic, and it sounded like great fun, so I signed up.

I have to admit, I knew very little about the BRIGHT Run, and Juravinski Cancer Centre. The energy and enthusiasm and the welcoming spirit of my first BRIGHT Run had me hooked. I enjoy every BRIGHT Run. It’s one of the highlights of my year. 2017 was my 8th year. I look forward to doing this for a very long time.

How does your work for the BRIGHT Run fit with your job?

It complements my job. I have a very technical, high-pressure position. It leaves little room for creativity. Volunteering as event photographer allows me to exercise my more creative side and enjoy a day with some very committed, welcoming folks.

What do you do for the BRIGHT Run?

I am the event photographer. That means I run around capturing candid pictures during the day of the event. I contribute most of the pictures to this section of brightrun.ca: https://www.brightrun.ca/gallery/

Why did you nominate BRIGHT for Choir!Choir!Choir!’s 25 days of charity?

That is a very good question. I experience the same joy and warm welcome singing with Choir!Choir!Choir! as I do when I participate in the BRIGHT Run. I am considered their unofficial photographer. They approached me to nominate a charity to receive donations for their 25 Days of Charity!Charity!Charity! I didn’t hesitate – I said it has to be the BRIGHT Run. When they asked me why, I told them:

“I have been the BRIGHT Run event photographer for eight years, and it’s always the highlight of my year. It’s a positive, friendly atmosphere with lovely people. I participate because this is a very worthy cause, and I believe in the truly innovative and world-class cancer research that JCC does. Please support them!”

Do you have any personal/family connections to breast cancer?

I do have a very dear friend whose mother passed from breast cancer. The person he became is a reflection of this lovely woman. I am fortunate to be able to say that I don’t have any family connections to breast cancer, but I am always pleased to support the BRIGHT Run, breast cancer research and the JCC, because of the wonderful support they provide to families who have been through this ordeal.