BRIGHT Run 2018 is thrilled to unveil this year’s Team Captain Achievement Bracelet, created especially for BRIGHT by the wonderful Monica Graves of glamjulz.

Team captains should pick up their bracelets at the June 14 Launch Party, taking place this year at the Leander Boat Club on the beautiful Hamilton waterfront. Monica will be there to hand out the bracelets and she’s bringing along some wonderful pieces from the glamjulz collection.

RSVP Kathi Aitken at by June 7 so we know you’re coming.

Monica notes the current trend in jewelry is natural stones and the BRIGHT Run 2018 bracelet is Monica’s superb interpretation of the trend.

“Women are coming to us more and more and asking us to create julz with these type of beads (natural stones),” Monica says. “The reason these beads are trending is because women are wanting to surround themselves with touchstones of hope and good energy…. It really ties in nicely with the care and support BRIGHT Run gives to the community.”

The bracelet includes Rose Quartz, which promotes love, self-love, friendship and feelings of peace, and Clear Quartz, which amplifies energy and thought, the master healer.
As your team achieves the following fundraising goals, these beads will be added to your bracelet:

  • $500: Amethyst – healing powers to heal physical ailments and emotional issues
  • $1,000: Moonstone – the stone of protection
  • $1,500: Pyrite – prosperity and good luck
  • $2,000: Yellow Jade – for wisdom and a long life
  • $2,500: Turquoise – heals the immune system
  • $3,000: Green Jade – protects from harm and brings harmony

Monica says there’s no “official” proof these stones have this type of power but there are many believers and anything that makes us feel good is always a good thing.
So, get moving on your fundraising, captains, and start building your bracelet!